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Directly south of Koréula, LASTOVO lies at the centre of an archipelago of 45 uninhabited islets some five and a half hours from Split. Remote and virtually self-sufficient in food, Lastovo feels much more isolated that any of the other Adriatic islands, and there’s a sense of pride and independence here, most obviously expressed in the annual Poklad festival at the beginning of Lent. Like Vis,  Lastovo was closed to foreigners from  1976 until 1989 owing to its importance as a military outpost, and organized tourism has never caught on, but what it lacks in hotels and amenities it more than makes up for in its extraordinary sense of isolation and in its natural wooded beauty. The island has only one major settlement, Lastovo  town, where most of the remaining 1500 islanders live. 


Lastovo has  been  chosen  as one of the best preserved Mediterranean  island by World Wild Foundation – the island archipelago was declared a Nature Park in 2006.                                                                                                        

Lastovo Town and around
Unusually for the capital of a Croatian island, LASTOVO TOWN faces away  from the sea, spreading itself over the steep banks of a natural amphitheatre  with a fertile agricultural plain below There’s a road at the top, a road at the bottom, and a maze of narrow alleys and stone stairways between. The town’s  buildings date mainly from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries — although  depopulation has left many empty and dilapidated — and are notable for their  curious chimneys shaped like miniature minarets, although there’s no record of  Arab or Turkish raiders ever making it this far.
Hotel Solitudo  
Hotel Solitudo is situated on the southernmost Croatian island of Lastovo (to be more precise:  it’s an archipelago that consists of one main island and 46 smaller islands), right on the crossroads between Split, Dubrovnik and Italian coast. Lastovo is among ten Mediterranean destination that have the most preserved original value of untouched nature  and  beauty and as such was declared a Nature Park. Hotel Solitudo is the only hotel on the island .We offer 60 hotel rooms decorated in Mediterranean style and 12 luxurious hotel suites . All rooms and suites are with sea view, air conditioned, with mini fridge and TV. Hotel facilities: restaurant, Dalmatian tavern, mini — shop, memorabilia store, hotel marina regularly visited by yachts from all over the world, diving centre and diving school, exclusive piano bar, gym, Jacuzzi, sauna,  bicycles, kayaks, we also offer various excursions, etc. Hotel Solitudo will appeal to visitors that are seeking unspoiled Mediterranean feature, crystal clear sea, and interesting historical and cultural heritage



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