General Information

Croatian flag

Travel Documents and Visas

Passport or some other identity document recognised through international agreement. Visa is not required for holders of UK, European Union, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand passports. For other countries, check with the Croatian Embassy in London 21, Conway Street, Fitzroy Square London W1T 6BN ( Tel: 020 7387 1144). Passports must be valid for the duration of stay.

Unlike some other countries, there is no need for additional months' validity. Further information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia Tel.: 0145 69 964 or visit their website.


Croatian currency is Kuna (KN). Kuna is divided into 100 lipa. Presently the exchange rate is just over 7 Kuna to 1 sterling. Foreign currency can be exchanged for Kuna at hotel exchange offices, banks. travel agency and post offices.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted in hotels, larger shops and many restaurants You can exchange Sterling (both cash and travellers cheques) into KUNA at exchange offices , banks, post offices, travel agencies, hotels, camps, marinas and at airports.

Most larger cities and resorts offer ATM (cash dispenser ) facilities. Banking hours are 8 am to 4 or 7 pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays some banks are open until midday In the larger cities some banks are also open on Sundays. Exchange offices at main railway stations and bus terminals, international airports and harbour terminals, border crossings, bigger marinas generally work 24 hours a day or are open to service the arriving and departing passengers

Climate and dress

The Croatian Adriatic has an average of 2,600 hours of sunshine per year and an average sea temperature of 25 to 27C. It is indeed one of the sunniest and warmest coasts in Europe. The ideal summer wardrobe consists of light summer clothes and something warmer for the evenings. A cardigan or light raincoat is useful in early and late season. Plastic sandals are recommended for swimming from rocky beaches.

National holidays

1 January - New Year's Day; 6 January - Epiphany, Easter and Easter Mon day (in 2003 - 20 and 21 April); 1 May - Interna tional Labour Day; Corpus Christi (Moveable feast - 19 June, 2003); 22 June - Anti-Fascist Resistance Day; 25 June - Statehood Day; 5 August - Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day; 15 August - Feast of the Assumption; 8 October - Independence Day; 1 November - All Saints' Day; 25 and 26 December - Christmas Holidays.


220v - 240v (continental adapters may be necessary to use your appliances wired for British standard)

Local time:

Croatia Time zone: GMT plus one hour in winter and GMT plus two in summer.

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