The Natures Jewels of the Mediterranean

Natures Jewels of the Mediterranean

Croatian islands are exceptional because they remain free from the excessess of modem development and are today, as a consequence, rich in natural features and ethnographic parks. These islands abound in many unique features which have disappeared elsewhere.  Croatia has opted for cultural and ecological tourism  in harmony with local enviroments and  architectial  traditiions and supressed the building of large dedicated tourist centres.

Cres Island/With International Eco Centre (Caput Insulae)


cresmapCres maybe the largestand most  bio-diverse island in the Croatian Adriatic but, supprisingly it is also one of the least visited. Interesting features of this island is its well preserved wild life, high cliffs and mountinous areas sheltering golden eagles, wolves, bears and some  100  Griffon vultures . Its striking trails along pristine karst coastline offer dizzying  views of the crystal clear Adriatic sea . Cres was known as "Res Publica Crepsa" during the period of Roman governance, witness to which are significant remains which can be seen in several ruins like the one on the nearby Hill of St.Bartholomew. Later Cres was under the rule of Venice and from that period are preserved some interesting cultural and historical features still visible in every day life. After the Venetian rule the island came under Austrian coontrol. On Cres there are two ornithological nature reserves-‘Podokladi’ in the centre and ‘Kruna’ on the northern part of the island.

How to get to Cres by ferry (frequent service in summer) from embarkation port Brestova on Istrian mainland to Porozina port on Cres


Beli Eco

Beli –  village with eco centre

Beli,  situated  on 130m high hill  on the northern part of the island is one of the oldest settlements on Cres  .
This is a seaside village, rich in cultural and historical monuments whose inhabitants farm, fish and raise cattle. Today Beli, with its beautiful pebbly beach and  harbour increasinglt attracts visitors  interested  the island’s wildlife. Beli is an ideal spot for anyone looking for a peaceful atmosphere and harmony with nature. Here the locals will offer you their hospitality in clean and tidy rooms, there is also a well-kept camping site by the beach.
Eco Centre  "Caput Insulae", an organisation which promotes the  preservation of nature, origins and the cultural and historical heritage of Cres.

They have established a network of exhibitions, "History and art in nature". The permanent exhibition "Biodiversity of the archipelago of Cres and Lošinj" is on display in the premises of the centre. 


Pansion Tramontana  is situated in Beli. The village is an example of hamony with its natural habitat, withstanding the commercial pressures for develpment of tourist facilities with an atmosphere of bygone times. The village is  surrounded  by  giant oak trees and wild meddows and paths criss crossiing through old Celtic tombs and ruins of Roman buildings through which sheep roam freely in the search for food. Beli's location and peacfulness attracts much wildlife.      
Pensione Tramontana

 This is a modest family run pension  offering  personal  and friendly service to its visitors. It is situated in Beli, next to the Eco-centre and conservation centre for the protection of the griffon .  The pension restaurant serves Dalmatian specialties and offers local traditional prepared lamb served with locally picked mushrooms. Facilities : Dining room and a large terrace overlooking the Kvarner Bay. Bar. Free Parking.  Rooms: 4 double rooms with private bathroom and 6  double rooms sharing bathroom facilities.


Departures May and between
19 Sep to 28 October

Departures between
  31 May -11 July

  and  01- 18 Sep


   10 July to 01 Sep


  £  725

£ 770

single room supplement

  for 7 nights      £80

single room supplement

  for 7 nights      £100

single room supplement

  for 7 nights      £112

What the prices include : 
Flights Gatwick Pula Gatwick  and passenger airport taxes.
Accommodation in double or twin room sharing for 7 nights, half board meals
Resort  tax  and accommodation VAT tax 10% ,
Car Hire by Hertz Croatia Group B (all air conditioned )  Model: Fiat Grande Punto 1,4 or Opem Corsa 1,3 for 1 week unlimited mileage inclusive of  CDW ( collision damage waiver ), TP ( theft protection insurance ) , third party insurance and  local tax of 22%





Cres offers wide range of  recreation and sports activities on land and sea, facilities to play tennis, mini golf and  table tennis. If you feel like taking up the challenge of sailing, submarine fishing, parachuting, you have come to the right place. There is a school of diving where the equipment may be hired. Diving centres are situated in Cres, Martinšcica and Beli. Those who would like to try sailing, may join courses of sailing organised both for adults and children

The island has a number of  beaches, nestled mostly on the western  part of  Cres. Some of these beaches can be reached by walking on the age-old pathways ,others in more deserted part of the island can be reached only by the sea  or road using daily excursions. Increasingly popular are bike tours of the island enabling you to discover at your own pace.   From Cres you can visit  islands of Krk and Losinj  in  the Kvarner Bay .


Bird Watching

There have been noted 200 species of birds on the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago and almost 96 of them are nesting on these islands which makes this area one of the most valuable in the Adriatic according to the richness of its ornitho-fauna. Due to the many important and rare species of raptors (golden eagle, short-toed eagle, peregrine falcon, honey buzzard), and especially in order to protect the unique colony of Eurasian Griffons on the islands of Cres, there have been established two special ornithological reserves: Kruna (from Beli to Merag) and Podokladi (from Orlec to Belej). Besides the raptors, here are many interesting bird species such as the shag, eagle owl and blue rock thrush.The Kruna reverve is significant because of the honey buzzard nests, which make the island of Cres the only Adriatic island where thisr are bird breeds. The approach of the visitors is restricted in the reserves in order to avoid disturbing of the birds but those who are interested in bird watching can request guided tours.

Cres grows around 1,300 different varieties of plants, 34 varieties of orchids, 5 varieties of oak, with 23 species of  reptiles, 7 species of amphibians, 12 species of bat, more than 90 different butterflies, more than 30 species of dragonflies and almost 200 species of birds. Biodiversity is protected by cleaning the freshwater ponds of Tramuntana, which counteracts the process of eutrophication, which causes the disappearance of plant and animal species habitats.


A diving base is located on the pebble beach of Podbeli and so the entrance to the sea and equipping of scuba divers is adapted to beginners as well as experienced divers. At the diving base you can hire all your equipment, fill your bottles or ask for the service of a diving leader, boat trips to more than 10 diving locations, which include two undersea caves and the shipwreck Lina.

Nearest airports
Pula distance 100 km from Cres island
Flights by Croatia Airlines  from Gatwick on :
Sunday – depart Gatwick  11.05 arrive   14.05 hrs  Depart Pula 09.05 arrive Gatwick 10.15 hrs
Tuesday  – depart Gatwick  16.00 arrive 19.00  hrs  Depart Pula 14.00 arrive Gatwiick 15.10 hrs
Rijeka /Krk  airport   distance approx 100 km from island of Cres
 Flights operated by Croatia Airlines  from  Heathrow on Wednesday
Depart Heathrow 11.50 arrive Rijeka /Krk 15.00 hrs .Depart Rijeka / Krk 09.35 arrive Heathrow 11.00 hrs

We can extend your holiday  prior to or after your holiday on the island of Cres if you wish to visit other cities / resorts along the Dalmatian Coast by booking additional accommodation and flights.

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